What's New

Sermon presented on November 26, 2022 - Sermon presented by Cliff Higgins - "Out of the Darkness and Into the Light" - Matthew 24:36-44

Sermon presented on November 19, 2022 - Sermon presented by Mel Dahlgren - "Our King Who Saves" - Luke 23:33-43

Sermon presented on November 12, 2022 - Sermon presented by Michael McNally - "On Account of My Name" - Luke 21:5-19

Good News

During these troubling days of a global pandemic, there is hope and comfort to be found in the good news of Jesus Christ. We take this worldwide threat seriously, but we continue, joyfully, to celebrate the love of God, and the glorious future that is declared in the Scriptures.

Online Church Services

In the midst of statewide shelter-in-place order, here at South Bay Christian Church we have shifted to online services via videoconferences. Each videoconference begins thirty minutes before the service, and ends thirty minutes after the service, in order to provide windows of time for interactive fellowship.

If you have not already received an invitation and you would like to participate, please e-mail Pastor Mel Dahlgren. Join us online for a time of joy, peace and encouragement as we celebrate the the hope for tomorrow that we have in our risen Savior.